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Welcome and thank you, for contacting me with your questions about our services. Hopefully your questions can all be answered here. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ’s) below, and information relating to creative classes and workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Do parents/carers need to stay during the classes?

There’s no need, your kids will be well looked after and too busy to notice you’ve gone. 

Enjoy some time out for yourself, read a book or grab a coffee!

Do we need to bring anything?

A great attitude and a smile! All materials, including art aprons, are provided. Children can bring water bottles and must wear shoes (not thongs) for safety reasons.

How many children are there in each class?

We intentionally keep classes small: a maximum of 12 students in each.

What do the children learn each term?

We have taught over 400 varying activities as we develop new programs every term. 

A typical 10-week program usually includes a one-week activity such as drawing or designing, or watercolour painting, which leads to a longer project spanning three to four weeks. These projects differ each term, allowing children to develop their creative skills and ideas in a variety of mediums such as printmaking, collage, clay, or painting on canvas. We’re always keeping an eye on what’s happening with local and international artists and movements, and devise activities based on their ideas so the children are introduced to world art.

Do you have different classes for older and younger children?

We have three programs on offer. Art Phase 1 for 6 to 8 yrs and Art Phase 2 for 9 to 14yrs and Art Phase 3 for 13 yrs and above. Petite Picasso's young artist classes are run weekly and is beneficial if parents join in to develop strategies to interact creatively with their child. Due to the age span for each program, we are unable to accept any children younger than the specified age for each program. In terms of skills and ideas, a child's ability is determined more by previous art experience than by age. We’ve taught nine year-olds who have never worked with certain materials like clay, or printmaking or threaded a needle, working alongside a six year-old veteran of our classes, who has more confidence in specific art areas. The longer children attend our classes, the more confident their skill-set and creativity becomes, and we always come up with new art challenges to always surprise and inspire!

Can I stay for the class and help my child?

All our teachers are qualified and experienced specialist art teachers and can assist and encourage your child with the activities. If, however, your child is young and very nervous about attending then it is possible to stay for the first class as an observer. *Please enquire when you enrol and list any behavioural or learning considerations on the enrolment form.

My child has food allergies, are children given food in class?

No. Due to health and safety concerns no food at all is supplied in class because we use materials such as dye, paint, clay etc. So any food brought from home should be eaten before attending class, or during allocated snack-time – and don’t forget to fill in details of any medical conditions as required on the enrolment form.

Can I drop my child earlier than the class time?

While we are flexible, our teachers need time to set up the room with specific materials for the class. Children should arrive a couple of minutes before the class is due to start, put on their apron, set up their sketchbook if applicable and get ready to start.

What if I am running late to collect my child?

Punctuality in collecting your child is appreciated, as our teachers will wait till all children have been collected from the venue. If you are more than five minutes late the class teacher will call you to see where you are. If an unexpected circumstance arises and it is not possible to collect your child at the specified time please text Paula 0478847025 and notify us as soon as possible.

My child has a learning condition is it possible for them to attend classes?

We accept children with a range of learning abilities, if they have a genuine interest in learning about art. Please give us as much information as we need to best accommodate their specific challenges in advance. We may also be able to provide extra assistance for your child if required. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate children with behaviours that are disruptive to other students. 

Do you run a school holiday program?

Yes! We run a school holiday program during each school holidays. We offer full days and half days of technique-filled activities which will be designed to take home on the same day, or sometimes may need to be kiln-fired, in which may take a couple of weeks, but the holiday program will offer a great new skill or technique to keep your creative child creating well beyond the classroom. Email for registration forms. 

Check our social media and website for updates, or subscribe to our mailing list to find out more.

My child has turned 9, where can they go for art classes?

We have an after school and weekend art class program for students 9 to 12 years. 

It is currently running in several sessions. See all the details on our Kids Art Page.

My four year-old loves art, can they attend classes?

Children who are 3-5 yrs are able to attend our Petite Picasso Artist program. 

We don't have any other classes in the holidays for 4 yr olds.

Can I reserve a space for children's art classes?

Sorry, but due to the popularity of Arts Inc. Kids Art Classes, your child's spot is accepted for class only upon receipt of a completed enrolment form and full payment. Please email your inquiry to us here for fees and enrolment details.

I don’t live anywhere near Fremantle, will you come to my area?

Yes! Let’s talk about it! If you have five participants who would like to join us, (birthday parties, social clubs etc.) we will see if we can organise a class for you close by. Email us.

What about your children’s art parties?

Yes! We love helping organise your creative event. We can organise as much or as little as required to make the special event a success!  Message us with your request for custom classes.

Do you run anything for adults?

Yes! We run art classes for adults, select from a variety of weekly sessions and let us know what you are after. We also hold weekly Life Drawing sessions, plus professional development days for teachers and teacher assistants at schools and universities around Perth. We also run workshops for public events, schools, local councils and community centres. Previous workshops include book club art night, mindfulness art workshops during exam week, fanciful lettering and art journaling workshops. Off timetable workshops are by arrangement, so please get in touch with Paula to discuss your group needs.

*More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Art Classes, Workshops & Creative retreats

Who is the teacher?

All technique-based workshops and curriculum programs are designed and taught by qualified Visual Artist and teacher:

Paula MacMillan-Perich

Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts (B.A.V.A.)

Graduate Diploma (Art) Education

Paula has been teaching art both private tuition and in school systems since 1987. She has taught all age groups and various levels of students, both adults and children since 1987. She has taught many different curriculum programs in multiple countries including International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) from Pre-Kindergarten to senior High School. Paula is so proud of her 2015 senior design student who was accepted into Parson's Art and Design School Paris. Paula aims to adapt her vast depth and breadth of art knowledge to develop students technical skill and understanding of various mediums, to leave you creatively exhilarated, visually fulfilled and self motivated and looking at your art in a more confident way!

You won’t want to stop creating!

What is an Art Journal & Art Journaling?

Art journaling is a creative way to express yourself with mixed media, and to add thoughts about how you feel in a creative way. It is a visual commentary, combi​ning written words and illustrations that you make for your own self. You can share it with others too, or keep it as personal as you like. Pages can be as colourful or as plain as you like. Mixed Media is a mix of drawing, painting, printing, stenciling, stamping, diary, travel memoir, autobiography, art therapy, visual diary, notebook, scrapbook and sketchbook….plus more…!! You can use it to try out new materials as well as do preliminary studies for larger works!

It is a work of art in itself!

What kind of things do I put in there?

Ask yourself, what do you want from your journal? You may not end up with exactly what you've imagined, but you could end up with something unimaginable! We often focus on a current theme and combine layers of paper, paint, sketches, our own hand-carved stamps, photos, funky font and ephemera to give our pages a jumping off point. It's a balance of words and art and I help you build up layers of background colour and collage then I teach you how to draw faces, figures & fonts and you add the finer details. I try to give my art journals a particular theme per volume depending on location, although not necessary. I then add notes or key words to finish the pages.

How can I get started In Classes?

Select from the schedule the age/skill appropriate class you wish to start with. They are in order of progression for children and adults should build a basic foundation before launching in to a more technical course. Weekend Make -And-Take workshops are a great way to indulge yourself creatively as you submerge yourself deeply into this fun activity. Kickstart the day surrounded by kindred creative (online or in person), the time will be gone in a heartbeat and you won’t want to stop creating! A background in drawing will help you create faster, but not necessary, I will get you started with the basic drawing techniques no matter what your previous skill level.

What do I need to bring to Art Journaling?

Art Journaling material has few limits and very loose, (if any) rules. This is why they are so unique. I like to use lots of coloured pencils, watercolour paint and layers of paper, plain or printed, and water based paints, which are dry quickly and loads of matte water based acrylic medium. I strongly recommend you bring whatever you have on hand.I love to hand-carve, print and stamp and build texture over the top. I build my pages up with varying combinations of layered materials, and add the final details last, as well as some meaningful text, funky fonts, or poetry. I provide a lot of materials but you will need a few basic supplies like a watercolour or mixed media sketchbook and the products on the materials list sent out upon registration, (plus any favourite medium you would like to bring to show us). I always share a list of what I used to make this project because some people always ask for a specific list. However, I am a big believer in making substitutions and not breaking the bank.

Please check materials list upon registration but please don't stress over any given supply. Pack your art tote to bring any fun materials with you to class. I will have the ARTS Inc. supplies cart open on the day if you need to purchase anything extra.

Your pages don't need to look exactly like mine - they are YOUR creations. If you want them to be similar, that's fine, but think of substitutions to use up your current supplies.

What product will I end up with?

Depending on your style of workshop, you will end up with your own finished journal and many new mixed media skills and techniques for your next!. You will also have the start of your new creative adventure and the start of one great journal journey. You will begin to look at colours, paper and scrapbooking materials in a new light. Some of my journals are on-going and as I find another great theme-based image, text or stamp, I can keep adding it to my pages!

Insert warning here:creativity is extremely addictive!!

What is your ‘Kit & Kaboodle*’

Your Kit & Kaboodle* is your materials kit given to you on arrival to participants. It includes the art supplies and tools specific for your workshop. There are many materials and papers you can use, my recommendations are supplies I have tried and tested and trust. Cold pressed paper surface usually feels rough with variations of texture. Hot pressed paper usually is smooth. Essential materials kit is distributed in full, for all the inclusive workshops within the  workshop. Your supply list of your materials to bring will be emailed to you upon registration.

Get ready to StART the Creative Arty Party!!

Also included for retreats and workshops: morning meditation, delicious morning & afternoon tea, tea/coffee, and refreshments

 By arrangement, all meals can be provided on overnight artist retreats.

Workshop Cost is priced individually, and placement will be secured on receipt of non-refundable deposit.

Payment accepted: Paypal, WeChat, Alipay or Direct Deposit.

Once you have paid, we send you the electronic receipt, specific materials supplies list to bring, workshop itinerary and full address and directions, to our studio or venue.

You will need to allow 10-15 minutes registration time at the commencement of your course or workshop.

For any more questions or booking information about ARTS Inc. classes, workshop dates, Artist Retreats & Art & Tour Events, or school presentations, please contact me with your inquiry and details HERE.

Also ask me about products like 100% Leather Travel Notebook Art Journals, 100% Linen Aprons, Art Supplies, Children’s Art Parties, Book Club & Corporate Parties, ongoing weekly courses & technique demonstrations. 

Paula MacMillan-Perich

WeChat ID: paulamacmillanperich

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