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ARTS Inc. Art Phase One (AP1)(6-8y)

Welcome to ARTS Inc. Art School. Our school is developed by professional and experienced artists and tertiary qualified art tutors. Here's the reason why your child will learn more sooner....

1. Art Award winning students (Shanghai Art Competition 2019)

2. Portfolio Prep College Entry Success

3. Recommended by International School Art Departments

4. 30+ Years teaching experience and expertise

Art Phase One (1) (AP1) is a a strong foundation out-of-school art class designed to build students understanding, exploration and application of materials and techniques across art. AP1 classes will inspire, enhance and refine your child's developing technical art skill to build creative confidence and a deeper understanding of art. 

AP1 caters for children 6+ years and above to age 8, although the age grouping is just a guide for grouping classes according to skills, experience, by fine motor skills and ability. 

Art students are welcome to join our creative program at any phase, no matter what your previous art experience or artistic skill is. Through building upon the knowledge of the elements of art, combined with the introduction of multiple 2D & 3D mediums and techniques, students develop creative confidence as well as a strong foundation of what the world of art is built upon. Some projects are completed over several sessions alongside their Arts Inc. sketchbooks to develop multiple techniques and understand the process of a variety of creative techniques.

Research shows that early submersion into the arts builds confidence, concentration, and patience, which leads to a more creative life than others less priviledged. 

At Arts Inc. we aim to provide a professional art program to develop and refine student's art ability of all ages.

Art Phase One (1) AP1 art curriculum is designed to reinforce the foundation course for your young creatives and to engage students in an artistic atmosphere and enjoy a creative outlet, while learning to identify, define and use the Elements of Art and Design in their creative decisions.

Classes are designed to introduce and build upon previous art knowledge and vocabulary, and to develop children's understanding of the visual arts through hands-on art making. Each week we introduce a new activity or technique to bring into focus a new art element, or a combination of two or more ideas together. The students strive towards completing multiple larger exhibition pieces throughout the term as well as use their artist quality Arts Inc. watercolour sketchbook to develop and record ideas and processes.

Create With Us!

This upcoming semester, we offer ART PHASE ONE (AP1), class on the following days:

Saturday 9:30am-11:30am at Arts Inc. Walyalup Centre Quokka Meeting Room (151 High Street, Fremantle WA)

Classes are small sizes for each art group with a maximum of ten (10) students.

Bookings essential as spaces are limited!

For registrations or more details please CONTACT ME!

Art Is Good For You!

Why become pART of the ART?

It has been scientifically proven that children who are introduced to art experiences at an early age, can also benefit from problem solving, creative thinking in other areas, developing patience and improve their concentration levels. Children can focus for longer on tasks and are more likely to be risk-takers than those who are not as privileged. Children who engage in the arts in early childhood are most likely to continue to live a more creative life. Creative thinkers and designers are going to be needed for our future leaders.

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