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Arts Inc. School Art Phase Two (AP2) (9y+)

Welcome to ARTS Inc. Art School. Our school is developed by professional and experienced artists and tertiary qualified art tutors. Here's the reason why your child will learn more sooner....

1. Art Award winning students (Shanghai Family Competition 2019)

2. Portfolio Prep College Entry Success

3. Recommended by International School Art Departments

4. 30+ Years teaching experience and expertise

Art Phase Two (2) (AP2) (9y-12y) is an out-of-school art class designed to encourage young artists and to refine your child's art skill. This course is a great age for rapid development of skill-based art techniques and processes. It caters for children 9+ years and above, although the age grouping is just a guide for grouping classes by experience & artistic ability. 

In this course we revisit the Elements of Art and and how they can be recognised and applied through the Principles of Design, which includes, but is not limited to, line, shape, tone value, colour, form and texture and how we can compose these to create contrast, emphasis, balance, harmony, depth of perspective, movement, energy and most of all interest in art. We introduce and appreciate other artworks, artists and relevant movements and styles, and discuss art to build our understanding of the world of art familiarising students with famous artworks, techniques, concepts and style.

Class sessions focus on observational skills and methods to develop a strong visual memory and build confidence in transferring what students SEE to the development of their own unique and individual style. Students are are encouraged to take risks, try new techniques and mediums, and push outside their comfort zones. Being an artist means being a risk-taker, and having a 'can-do' mindset to try new things builds self-confidence, passion and determination to enjoy success not only in art, but in everything in life.

Arts Inc. students are welcome to join our creative program at any stage of their creative journey, no matter what your previous experience or artistic skill is. Classes are small and can cater for individual areas of development. At Arts Inc. we aim to develop and refine student's art ability of all ages. 

Please read FAQ's or feel free to contact us if you would like your child to have a trial class with us.

To see our full 2020 Spring schedule CLICK HERE!

This upcoming semester runs from January to June, 2020. FULL SCHEDULE HERE

We offer Art Phase Two (AP2) class on the following days:

You can choose sessions between:

Monday afternoon 4:15pm to 6:15pm, or

Tuesday evening 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Saturday morning 10:30am-12:30pm 

Bookings essential as spaces are limited.

For registrations or more details please REGISTER HERE!

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