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Adult Classes

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INTUITIVE PAINTING workshop is an inspirational workshop based on the process of following your inner feelings and trusting your mark. With close guidance artists are encouraged to trust where they are going and focus on mark making as opposed to a finished outcome. We look at symbolism in other cultures and how we accumulate our own unique symbols. We all have our own marks which are as unique to us as our handwriting, but sometimes they need encouragement to emerge.

The process of painting itself,initially becomes the focus for both creative enjoyment and self expression, and the outcome will become evident as the artwork emerges and the final decisions become more technically challenging. We look at the elements of art and how to use them combined with the principles of design. Regardless of your subject matter, we look at your visual plan, and analyse your ideas of your piece/s. This style of layering down the composition of the painting is like the building blocks of a symphony and you become the visual composer. The understanding of colours, tones, textures and rhythms as your composition emerges will help you to better understand the language of art and also develop your confidence and skills as an artist. Most of all Intuitive Painting is invigorating, skill building, fun, freeing of any creative blocks, confidence building as an artist. During the term you are encouraged to emerge at your own pace although initially we start quite vigorously and then start to fine tune. It is expected you will create multiple pieces based on your previous experience and commitment.

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