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Arts Inc. Art School Art Phase Three (3) 

Welcome to ARTS Inc. Art School. Our school is developed by professional and experienced artists and tertiary qualified art tutors.

Here's the reason why your child will learn more sooner....

1. Art Award winning students (Shanghai Art Competition 2019)

2. Portfolio Prep College Entry Success

3. Recommended by International School Art Departments

4. 30+ Years teaching experience and expertise


Art Phase Three (3) (AP3) is an after school art class designed to refine your child's art skill. It caters for students 13+ years and above to senior school, although the age grouping is just a guide for grouping classes by ability. 

Students usually entering this Phase (AP3), have been part of a previous classes or are looking for guidance and instruction to construct an outstanding portfolio for entries into university.

Each AP3 student throughout their time at ARTS INC. clarifies their creative goals for what's next and to make sure they are prepared with the resources and tools. ARTS INC aim to reach our student's goals and build a strong foundation and develop conceptual, critical and creative thinking skills to maximize their artistic progress and support them in building a charismatic art portfolio.

Art students are welcome to join our creative program at any phase, no matter what your previous experience or artistic skill is.

At Arts Inc. we aim to develop and refine student's art ability of all ages.

The entire AP3 program at ARTS INC. is mediated by the coaching relationship to ensure that our vast offerings and ambitious vision are delivered to the students in a way that is handcrafted, meaningful, and impactful.

Finally - AP3 students and teachers remotely work together, stay engaged, socialize and stay productive, resulting in the success of our Online Art Class + Studio Art Class combinations.

That is why ARTS INC. students successfully get college offers; win awards; stand out from the others and are successful!

Create With Us!

Art classes run in 8 week blocks from Week 2 of the school term to Week 9. Currently we offer this class on Saturdays 9:30am -11:30am.


Bookings essential. Earlybird prices apply for upfront payments made two weeks before class.

For registrations or more details please send an inquiry.

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