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Art Journaling ~ Your Visually Documented Life!


Create your most treasured journal ever! Start your Art Journal today by asking yourself: Do you love to document noteworthy/newsworthy events in your life? Do you love to integrate creativity into your everyday life? Are you one to want to try new art techniques to get motivated and develop your creative skill. Do you love to dabble with combining poetry or fancy font with drawing, painting, writing, foraging, gathering, cutting, tearing, assembling, paper cutting, collage, stencilling and stamping, or ALL of the above? Then Art Journaling is for you!


WHEN: Saturdays 1:00pm-3:00pm (4 terms a year)

WHERE: West End Art Studio, Fremantle WA

We started at the start of term, but you can join us at anytime throughout the term, as each week is an independent study of varying techniques for your journal. Get excited to make your beautiful tactile and most treasured journal.


Below are just some images of the pages Paula shows you techniques for in her creative art journaling classes. There are multiple art materials and various interchangeable techniques compatible in creating an art journal so your hard work will be preserved, but the best thing with in-person classes is to have Paula teach you not only what DOES work, but also gain her years of art knowledge and experimentation to let you know what DOES NOT work.

Our art journaling classes combine all of these fun techniques and more, to create a stunning, most treasured keepsake. I love to go back and look at my earlier journals and scribbled pages and get wonderful memories flooding back.

We base our 2-hour class on a new weekly focus, sometimes working on multiple pages at once, sometimes by starting our Sketch-Walking, or following our chosen theme, and after the term we aim to have completed another lusciously layered and juicy textured volume in our documented life. 

Paula is an avid Art Journal addict, so her creative passion is contagious and she hopes you are inspired to continue on your own magical creative quest! You can join this class online so you can use your own art materials lying around from home. Scroll down to see some of the pages

Contact us for dates and details HERE!

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