Paula MacMillan Perich

      Arts Inc-spirations For Nourishing Creative Souls

Art Journaling

What is Art Journaling? The definition of an art journal is flexible because there are many versions of how you can build it, which is why they speak volumes to everyone. But, mostly art journaling is about saving memories in a creative way.

Do you love to integrate creativity into your everyday life? Are you one to try new art techniques to develop your creative skill. Do you love drawing, painting, writing, cutting, tearing assembling, paper cutting, collage, stencilling and stamping? These are just some of the things Paula adds into her creative art journaling classes. There are multiple art materials and various techniques compatible in creating an art journal book, but the best thing with in-person classes is to have Paula teach you not only what DOES work, but also gain her 30+ years of art knowledge and experimentation of what does NOT work.

Our art journaling class combines all of these fun techniques and more, to create a stunning coffee table keepsake. We base our 2 hour class on a new weekly focus, sometimes working on multiple pages at once, following our chosen theme, and after the term we aim to have completed another lusciously layered and textured volume in our documented life. 

Paula is an Art Journal addict, so her passion is contagious and she hopes you are inspired to continue on your own creative quest!
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