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Petite Picasso's

Early StARTers Aged 3-5 

At ARTS INC. we believe that visual arts is an important expressive language of early childhood that allows children to explore ideas, feelings, relationships and experiences that are relevant to their growth as well as meet aesthetic and sociocultural needs. 

ARTS INC. recognise how children weave their different interests and experiences into art to construct learning, which can motivate a lifelong interest in the arts. 

Through creative opportunities and artful play, students will develop strategies that foster creativity, imagination and positive dispositions for children’s explorations in art. We use a circular curriculum which allows various strategies to empower children with technical skills and activities that are appropriate for their age, to develop independent expressions and problem solving skills. We aim to develop practical skills for providing young children with opportunities for creative and imaginative self-expression.

Our Art school is developed by professional and experienced artists and tertiary qualified art tutors. Here's the reason why your child will learn more sooner....

1. Art Award winning students (Shanghai Art Competition 2019)
2. Portfolio Prep College Entry Success
3. Recommended by International School Art Departments
4. 30+ Years teaching experience and expertise

To register your child into our Petite Picasso's program, please note the scheduled class time HERE.