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      Arts Inc-spirations For Nourishing Creative Souls

ARTS Inc. Art Campus Shanghai

In 2020, Arts Inc. launched it's new Jin Qiao, Shanghai Art Centre. Sadly, because of COVID-19, we are still waiting for our grand opening! Our new Art Centre and studio is an inspirational space where we run art classes for the creatively minded. Arts Inc. Centre has multiple light-filled classrooms with open gallery hanging space, Arts Inc. Supplies shop, wash areas, relaxing lounge areas, coffee and tea facilities and free wifi. 

Student classes range from Pre-K (3-5y); Arts Phase One (6-8y); Arts Phase Two (9-12y); Arts Phase 3 (13-15y); to Adult weekly classes, running from 1.5h to 2h classes and 3h weekend workshops with qualified art teachers and assistants. 

Arts Inc. has developed an art Curriculum that integrates the Elements of art and the Principles of Design, to build creative skills for students to work independently and collaboratively, on a wide variety of disciplines and styles. Students are encouraged to appreciate other artists' styles and techniques in a journey to discover their own inner style.  Classes have been designed to engage students various creative needs, whether to develop fine art skills, learn techniques, expand ideas, play with multiple materials or to complete personal projects. 

We offer scholarships and internships and can guide you to determine your creative path with a selection of classes at various levels. The Arts Inc. Art Centre has multipurpose spaces with varying equipment for hire for multiple events and presentations. 

Contact us directly below to see current schedules, registration or to get booking details.



No. 199 Biyun Rd, JinQiao (Metro Line 9 Lan Tian Rd Station)