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Children’s Arts Inc-spirations!

At ARTS Inc. we LOVE kids and believe each child is born creative! We believe each child should be given the opportunity to paint, and have the opportunity to keep inspired! Let your child be guided to create something amazing, with qualified and experienced art teacher and practicing artist, Paula MacMillan Perich.

At Arts Inc. Kids Classes you can expect your child to be immersed in a highly creative hands-on program, experimenting with multiple techniques and a variety of mediums. Each art class follows a term-based theme, (so each new term offers new units). Each term is filled with creative discovery, to encourage your child become smART about ART, focusing on the foundations of art - the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, as well as art appreciation and awareness of famous artists, plus the needs of the individual, while allowing each child to discover and explore their own creativity.

There are many benefits of introducing your child to the joys of painting and creativity. Researchers note that early brain wiring and involvement in the arts, programs your brain to see more creatively and to lead an on-going creative life. Art has been noted to have therapeutic health benefits (too many benefits to list here), but long term art involvement and brain wiring is noted to ward off early onset of dementia. 

Creative thinking benefits students in other studies, as it leads to children being better problem solvers, more confident, patient, balanced, creative thinkers, can concentrate longer, and are prepared to take risks. They are more likely to continue a creative life path, than those children not as privileged. What are you waiting for?

Full weekly PROGRAM schedule available HERE. *NOTE new classes are still to be included here as we are updating the changes.

AP1 (Ages 6-8y)

AP2 (Ages 9-12y)

AP3 (Ages 13+)

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Paula MacMillan Perich is an Australian Shanghai-based tertiary educated teacher and practicing artist, settling herself into Shanghai's vibrant creative scene. Inspired by mindfulness and hands-on experiential practice, Paula's teaching style strives to ignite wonder and passion in artists and creative learners of all ages. Through her warmth, excitement, and passion for sharing her vast creative knowledge, Paula's philosophy guarantees that students will continue beyond The ARTS Inc. Studio classes feeling artistically nourished, fulfilled and inspired to keep creating!

After studying Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Film and Photography Paula completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree, at Newcastle University NSW, followed by a Graduate Diploma of Education, studying Art Education. Paula has since been involved in international arts education. Since graduating from university, Paula has lived, traveled, and taught in various countries including London UK, the US, Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai, teaching expressive art through the PYP, MYP, (I)GCSE & IB programs at international schools as well as volunteering teaching in migrant schools. Having taught students from a kaleidoscopic range of ages, cultures and social backgrounds, Paula is excited to bring her creative and super colourful workshops to a variety of locations across the globe from Sydney to Shanghai, Rottnest to Norah Head, Byron Bay to Beijing and beyond. 

To have her teach with your school or organisation CONTACT US HERE!

Paula's own artwork is based primarily in painting, drawing, printmaking and mixed media collage, drawing from a range of mediums and sources of inspiration. She also dabbles in clay sculpture and ceramics. In 2014 she was Artist in Residence at the Western Academy Beijing, WAB, and recently, she worked with several creative students from Dulwich College Shanghai, doing a mural collaborations in Shanghai's disabled Community Centre, and has been interviewed in a Shanghai magazine in an entrepreneur feature . Read the full INTERVIEW HERE.

Additionally, Paula has developed innovative workshops and teaching programs designed to bring public art to Shanghai City's Kinder, junior, middle and high school students and adults. At the core of her philosophy, Paula believes that an art-practice is an expression of the unique self, and should be accessible, fun, and ever-growing. 

ARTS Inc. 2008-2019

I have had a very busy 2019 year already celebrating one year at my Dream Art Studio, Shanghai, and with ongoing registration for weekly ARTS Inc. studio in-person classes offering a wide creative program for both adults and children. 

I am also starting a NEW weekly classes and a monthly workshop events on the second Tuesday of each month. 

So far we have offered: Silkscreening Basics; Shibori Dye Techniques; Basket Coiling: Mindful Mandalas; Fabric Painting: with more workshops upcoming at my Shanghai ARTS Inc. location, Dream Art Centre, Jin Qiao. 

You can inquire or register for 2019 Spring Semester art classes HERE.

After July 2019 I will have reduced my teaching schedule, especially for weekly classes, for a variety of reasons, one of which is to pursue my art business and my own art career. We all need to take time to nourish our creativity and to see where our work takes us next and to focus on some of the other aspects of art as a business.

I may add one or two more venues but it will definitely be a reduced schedule from previous years and I hope you can understand. 

I’m very much looking forward to teaching at the venues lined up here on my Workshops and Retreats pages and hope very much to see some of you there!

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Western Academy Beijing (WAB) Artist In Residence