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Fabric Art & Surface Design

Fabric Art & Surface Design

3h Workshop

Mondays At David Charles Boutique Gallery Space, Jin Qiao Shanghai


Includes (most) materials

Fabric Art & Surface Design is a technique based workshop which introduces you to the many types of wonderful print media and surface design. 

Printmaking can be as simple as a monoprint created from a Gelli plate; carving out a design from a carving block; or as complex as a multi-colored silk screen print. 

Our weekly workshop runs for three hours, and each week we work on one or two projects but you are encouraged to work at your own pace, and can finish your editions at your own pace depending on your individual goals.

The beauty of printmaking is that you create your design once, and repeat print it multiple times! The course is structured for all levels and you can join in at any stage, regardless of ability or interest, and build upon your knowledge.  Skills taught here cover the basics, and they are intended to be built upon as you develop your printmaking experience and knowledge. 

Printmaking has a technical side where rules need to be followed in order to get the best results.  Your carved blocks are yours to keep and can be transferred onto paper and fabric but of course your designs can be printed on to anything you desire! 

This term we aim to develop the students own brand and product line.

The skies the limit!

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